New box!

To day Daddy Housefolk brought home a delicious-smelling wide/flat cardboard box and a plastic bag (sadly the bag was taken away once I started sniffing the box). At this moment, I am rubbing my face and muzzle all over the corners of the box, making it wet with my drool. I’m taking a break from the box to thank my Daddy Housefolk for this wonderful gift. I will be sleeping in it later.

If there are cats reading this, I’m sure we all know how good and refreshing a new box is. So human readers, please go and buy yourself (or for us if you’re in a good mood) something that comes in a cat-appropriate box. And then give it to your cat.

As a side note, sorry there are no pictures. It’s stormy outside, and it’s too dark for the “camera” (as humans call it) to take a good picture. But I will be posing for beauty soon in a Super Magical Midnight Photoshoot (okay probably going to change that name but whatever).

Be seeing you,

-Midnight Star T.S.L.M.

Unsure Of My Species

I have a question for all readers out there:

Am I Midnight, a cat or a dog?

The Cat Side:

  • I look like a cat.
  • I sleep like a cat.
  • I eat like a cat.
  • I meow.
  • I purr.
  • I hiss at dogs.
  • I watch prey and hunt like a cat.
  • I like boxes like a cat.
  • I take over furniture like a cat.
  • I think most dogs are stupid (like a cat).

The Dog Side:

  • I act like a dog (sometimes).
  • I play like a dog (a weird version of fetch).
  • I run like a dog.
  • I bite/ nip like a dog.
  • I’m protective like a dog.
  • I come when my Housefolk call me-like a dog.
  • I’m happy to see my Housefolk come home when they were out all day (like a dog).
  • I’m very needy and emotional, not like an independent cat, but more like a dog.
  • I get excited when I see my leash and beg to go out.
  • I like being walked like a dog.
  • I’ve barked at the mailman and others several times- like a dog.

What do you cats, dogs, pigs and whatnot of the internet think? Please tell me! I’m unsure of my species!

Be seeing you,

-Midnight Star T.S.L.M

New Mouse!

My Housefolk were so nice to me today! They left the house for a while, and I was sad, but when they came back they had a new mouse for me! And my favorite treats!


The mouse just like my other VIM (Very Important Mice/Mouse) but fresher and better! I had so much fun with it, and it’s good to snuggle with. I simply adore it! It will be used with catnip in the future; I am sure of it.

Now, for all you cats out there, can someone tell me what is better than a fresh mouse, treats, and a relaxing nap? I don’t think much, maybe catnip balm rubbed all over everything and getting to run outside in a big open field while eating mice. But, as most of us know, that will probably never happen, so let’s stick to idea one. Treats, fresh nap, mouse.

I hope everyone out there has a good day, eating treats, having fun, etc. Make sure to run around the house at 3 AM for no reason! That’s always fun!

Be seeing you,

-Midnight Star T.S.L.M

Tuesday Talk: Shadow


Hello everyone of the “internet.” My name is Shadow. I’m writing this post while I should be marking my territory, so be thankful I’m here.

I am not a full-on kittypet! I only go to these humans (as I’ve heard, that’s their name) for affection, food, and because they saved my life. My borders expand to a small group of cats that are half-kittypets, like me. Human Kit says we are “SuburbanClan,” and I am thinking about taking that name to them. Possibly a little bit farther out even, but as you wild cats know, we must not tell the Twole- err, humans! (Not used to this new word for the Twolegs/Nofurs.)

My wish is that one day, me and Midnight will have cute, tiny, identical kits that look just like us. Yes, Midnight is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But, the humans take her into a different room when I go in the house for food. She tells me she hates me and I will never get inside when she is there (I did once, but she hid under a big chunk of human wood-thingy where I couldn’t get to her), yet as I press my face up against the window screen where I broke the actual window, I can tell she feels something for me. Not much of a feeling, but something… (I’m probably imagining it)


As I wrote that, Midnight wants me to delete it at once and she is mad at me but she can’t get through the glass! Now she’s hissing at me that she wants me to go. Well, too bad! I’m writing (is what I just said)!

So, as I conclude, I want to say that Midnight should stop taking the spotlight. I’m a tomcat with boundaries that may or may not go all the way to the back of the neighborhood on all sides (not giving anything up). But why can’t I have constant chicken, fish, steak, and other yummy human foods? Because my humans are hoarding it. They won’t share with me or beautiful Midnight. Sometimes we talk about it. It’s the only time she won’t hiss at me. (Good thing she’s not right there at the big glass thingy- window-sliding-door now!)

I’ve got to re-mark the south side of the neighborhood and curl up for a nap afterward. Perhaps I will sleep in the greenhouse today.



Lion Country Safari

My mom, grandma, and I went to Lion Country Safari Park, and I thought you’d like to see some of the animals.

As a reminder, if you go to Florida, a lion will not walk up to your car regularly. This is inside of a park or cage-less zoo (it was the first of its kind when it was founded in 1967). It was located in the middle of nowhere, but now new communities built up all around it. It’s divided up into preserves; this is first one Las Pampas, South American grasslands.


This is just the beginning of what weirdness will go on. The big brown things are South American Tapirs. The big brown bird on the ground looking at the camera is the Brown Pelican (BTW State Bird of Louisiana). There is a gray-ish brown blur in the background, which is a Rhea (like a mini-ostrich). The white bird is a photobomber (no idea what it is).


This is an ostrich looking boss (they were fighting at the fence lines at each “preserve”).


These are two Greater Kudus enjoying some salad. Well, if that lettuce were in a bowl with some dressing on it, I’d eat it.


Herd of the Chicken Mc Nuggets of the wild (also known as impala; also they are enclosed far away from the lions).


A blackbuck (I think) right in front of the car. There are signs everywhere to drive slow because they don’t know what cars are. Plus, you want to take your time and enjoy the safari slowly.


Wildebeest grazing by itself. The entire time my mom was taking that picture, I was praying it did not run up and buck the car.



And then there’s THAT. No, it is not a moving leather couch. That is a rhinoceros. That big horn was five feet from the car. I mean it.


Zebras. Right there. Look at that face, “I’m just passing, you can wait.”



My favorite safari animal, the giraffe! To feed them, you have to climb this tower-slope. They also eat organic romaine lettuce. They are 60% bigger than they look on-screen.



Ah, the lions. My mom tells me than when she was a child, there was no fence, and the lions would use cars as cat trees. LOL. Probably why they put up a fence (tearing up people’s cars or the risk of getting your hand taken off).


Flamingos, a FL native.

This is not all. There is goat feeding, bird feeding, fish feeding, small rides, a mini-waterpark. A lot to do in a day!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

~Grace (Kit Housefolk)

Fresh Catnip!

Today is my lucky day! My housefolk opened a new bag of USDA Organic catnip! This time we got some pictures (but after the main round; I was too crazy to get near).


It is very potent catnip, I still taste it on my tongue (so what, I ate some).


I attack both the towel and my toy mouse. I used one of my VIM  (Very Important Mouse). All my VIM are blue. Blue is my favorite color. It goes well with my fur.

Now I am going to take a nap because that ‘nip really tires me out. That was awesome.

Be seeing you,

-Midnight Star T.S.L.M

Midnight Pics

Just for fun, a few Midnight pictures.


“You okay? I know, I blend in.”


“Why did you disturb my beautiful sleep?”

Five minutes later…


“Zzz…. Yes, I’d like that lizard, but with some chicken broth on the side…”

Every day my life is full of wonderful cat faces.


Last Night (Cat View)

Okay humans, really? I had fifteen heart attacks while you went away to see bright exploding lights, meanwhile I’m hearing gunshots around me and I’m alone in the house?


When they came home after an hour or so, I was so happy. What took them so long? Anyways, how dare they leave me?! For all you humans, it’s rude to leave a cat by himself/herself unless you give them a treat and one pet before you leave. That smooths it over a lot better, but we’ll still give you the cold tail for a while because us cats are like that.

Oh, and Shadow told me to tell you he was “totally not scared” last night. I knew he was; I smelled fear scent and wood/tree/shrub smell on him. He was hiding and scared to death. Ha, what a lier.

I hope all humans realize that us cats are sensitive creatures, and we do care if you leave us without a meow. So please, feed all of us more treats and give us more pets to make up for all the loud annoying-ness that happened last night.

Be seeing you,


Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone! I hope you have a safe and joyful 4th this year. We plan on going to a park to see fireworks; it requires a lot of walking (because of the parking situations) but it’s worth it.

As a side note, I hope Midnight and Shadow are safe away from firework dangers, and also that they don’t freak out from the noise. Last night people were already going nuts with the fireworks, and Midnight would flinch (just like me) whenever a firework exploded. The fireworks were cute at first, but it got to the point where someone called the cops on our neighbors. It had been going on for hours and I was so happy to not hear that all night. But tonight it’s going to be even worse (but I’m happy people are having fun).

Midnight has something to tell you:

“Okay, why are people celebrating America with sounds that make me think the house is on fire? Really people? It’d be better if it were cheering or nice noises, but you chose annoying explosions and loud popping. Remember, our ears are much more sensitive than yours! And last year it was so scary. And my housefolk left me! Shadow I don’t know about, but I think he was upset when he came in. I hissed at him as usual, but he told me ‘Stop it I had a very long night last night and now you’re hissing at me?’ and I didn’t care.”

Well, anyways, have a good 4th and please be careful if you’re doing your own firework display! Also, if you get Syfy TV channel they always do a Twilight Zone marathon for the 4th of July, and it’s fun to watch (mysterious, a little scary, it is in black-and-white but that doesn’t matter, and overall weird; my kind of TV show!).